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Aljona is the founder, recipe and content creator behind Vegan Foodiez as well as a certified vegan nutritionist. Aljona is passionate about human health & nutrition, animal care & welfare, philosophy & psychology as well as conscious and sustainable living. 


At Vegan Foodiez, we recognize that nowadays, in the world of abundant controversial information, especially on various diets, it may be challenging to find a path that would be the most beneficial for ourselves and the environment around us. Confusion encountered, therefore, may lead to loss of motivation and rebound to unhealthy habits.

With Vegan Foodiez, we are aiming to share the experience and provide you knowledge in the area of plant-based nutrition to help you make more conscious food choices for a healthier and happier life every day! 


Plenty of simple and healthy recipes are awaiting your discovery.

Articles and guides on plant-based healthy living from a certified nutritionist.

Get your personal guidance and nutrition advice.

Find helpful guides and prepared meal plans balanced with nutrients.



of a balanced diet


Following a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet is a big part of maintaining good health.


Adhering to a balanced diet is prone to give you a sense of accomplishment. It is proven to provide you with a feeling of happiness overall with your life.


Following a wholesome diet helps to improve digestion and with that boost your energy levels.

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