Do You Have Brain Fog as a Vegan?​

Do You Have BRAIN FOG As a Vegan? Brain fog may be a really frustrating condition. And many vegans, who face this condition, are quick to blame the lack of animal products as a cause. But is it true? Do we really have to pay this price for being compassionate and considerate of our fellow … Read more

More Food in Less Time

9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System | 9 простых способов повысить иммунитет

Easy ways to boost Your Immune System We all know that the immune system is important. Especially in days like this, when your health and survival are closely connected with your body’s response to the virus you may come across. Is it up and running effectively, or is it compromised and cannot protect you well enough … Read more

Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Easiest Way to lose weight What is the easiest way to lose weight? Cut down on food? Stick to a new diet? Get onto a fast? Maybe engage in a rigorous exercise? These may seem effective at first glance. In the end, this is a popular approach that we so often come across on the media. A new … Read more



Whole Grains: friend or FOE? Benefits of Whole Grains Grains are often believed to make us gain weight. This is often true for simple carbs, like refined grains and sugars. Simple carbs are quick to get digested in our intestines (due to very low fiber content), therefore spiking blood sugar and making us hungry shortly after … Read more

Why It’s Worth Having Legumes for Breakfast

What's the Deal with the Plant Based Protein | Why it's worth having legumes for breakfast

Why it’s worth having legumes for breakfast Legumes are among the recommended products by the American Institute for Cancer Research for cancer prevention. Why is that? ⁣ The population of the Western world is much more prone to getting cancer than the majority of underdeveloped countries. It was originally believed that lack of fiber must … Read more


Why Beans cause bloating

WHy Beans Cause Bloating? The uncomfortable question about beans and bloating pops to the minds of many, who consider becoming vegan, look for an excuse to keep the status quo or already transitioning to a plant-based diet. But before we drawback to the usual ways of eating because of discomfort we may get from plant … Read more

Why Oats Are a Staple in My Diet

Crunchy Homemade Granola | WHY OATS ARE A STAPLE IN MY DIET?

WHY OATS ARE A STAPLE IN MY DIET? Oats are widely popular among many, but they are especially popular in the plant-based diets. That’s no surprise since they are widely available, very affordable and so easy to cook. But there are even more benefits to oats than that. Oats belong to one out of five … Read more

What I eat in a Day as a Vegan Nutritionist

What I Eat in Day as a Vegan Nutritionist

What I Eat in A day as a vegan nutritionist What does a vegan nutritionist eat in a day? And how to balance the meals to get the most nutrients and stay satisfied? It may seem overwhelming, but in reality tasty, wholesome meals, balanced in all nutrients are very easy to achieve on a plant-based … Read more

Are Vegan Sources of B12 Unnatural?​

Are Vegan Sources Of B12 Unnatural? There is hardly any vegan that has not been warned about the importance of B12 vitamin. And there is a strong reason for that: B12 is extremely important for the health of the nervous system and lack of it can cause permanent irreversible damage. So we’d better make sure … Read more

What’s the Deal with the Vegan Protein?

What’s the deal with the PLant-based ProteiN? Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash Protein is a hot topic nowadays. It’s all around: protein shakes, protein bars, protein blends, etc. It became the ultimate king of nutrition. We are continuously told to base our meals around protein, that the rest comes as secondary. Some even demonize … Read more