3-Month Nutrition Coaching Package

525 $

3-Month Coaching Package for Vegans

Would you like to get in control of your eating habits? Don’t know where to start and how to balance your diet? Have special needs that you’d like to fulfill? Recently vegan/plant-based and not sure if you are missing any nutrients?

This 3-Month Coaching Package will set you to a good start. Science-based nutrition practices along with delicious, wholesome, filling recipes will keep you satiated and nurtured.

What you get with this package:

  • Pre-assessment of the current state
  • 60-90 Min Initial Consultation​
  • Outlined Nutrition Strategy
  • Biweekly Strategy Review + Written Support between sessions
  • Personalized 4-course meal plan aligned to your goals (including recipes, macro- and micronutrient balance)
  • Monthly personal meal plan update
  • Time-saving guidelines
  • Follow-up via mail

What to expect after the payment?

You will get a link to a form with questions to assess your current state, personal preferences, and your fitness goal. After the form completion, you will receive an email with a link to the appointment booking. A personalized meal plan and a nutrition strategy will be shared in the email in a PDF format within 5 days after the coaching session. You will have a chance for a revision and a follow-up with up to 5 questions. There will be a total of 7  coaching sessions and strategy updates (1 initial session + 6 biweekly calls).