Guide to Beat Stress – Improve Your Mental Health with Nutrition


More than 2/3 of people report feeling stressed. And the current events in the world do not make things easier. The unattended stress eats away the energy, live focus, and nutrients, disturbing all body functions.

Did you know that what you eat has a tremendous impact on your body’s stress response and post-stress recovery? Happy hormones like serotonin, and endorphin, are produced with the very nutrients from food.

Why not use food to become happier?

This guide is built based on scientific evidence of mental health, particularly anxiety, stress, and depression, being tightly connected to the diet. In this guide, I aimed to share how these ties work and practical steps to apply in your life to improve your body’s coping with stress.

If you apply these steps to your life, it will likely result in overall health improvement, increased energy levels, and improved mental health: less stress and anxiety, fewer chances of depression, and increased levels of happiness.

No Risk!

I offer a 14-day guarantee: in case you are unsatisfied with this guide, you can ask for a refund!



Who would benefit from this guide?

This guide may help you if:

  • you feel brain fog or fatigue, a drop in stamina
  • you often feel anxiety or stress: at work, over world events, due to big changes in your life
  • you wanna finally feel in control and reconnect with your body
  • you wanna feel energized, and focused and have the strength to act on your dreams
  • your eating is chaotic and you are not sure how to balance your diet
  • you are or wanna be plant-based/vegan and wanna get initial guidance

Who this guide won’t help?

  • If you have serious mental health issues – please reach out to a physician for help as diet may not be the only factor that could help in such a case
  • If you feel perfectly happy and healthy – you may not need any improvements in this case 🙂
  • If you are ok with having stress in your life


These guide is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease. 

Some of the sections of this guide may not be safe during pregnancy/lactation.

What to expect after the payment?

The guide in PDF format will be available for download to your device once you complete the order, which can be done on the checkout page.


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