How To Make Travel As a Vegan Easier –
Quick Guide To Eating On The Road

It can be challenging being vegan while traveling at times. I can tell from my own experience. Some countries, especially outside of big cities, are just not vegan-friendly, and the options you may find would not always be flavorful and filling.

Having faced such situations multiple times, I found a way to prepare for the worst cases. That is, I assumed, I won’t have any adequate options. So, what shall we consider when preparing for an adventure that won’t be spoiled with food limitations?

How To Make Travel As a Vegan Easier

How to make travel as a vegan easier

  • Bring containers and portable cutlery with you 
  • Bring reusable bags (ecologically friendly, whenever possible)
  • Have a reusable water bottle at hand to keep hydrated
  • Pack food for the road
    • get a wholesome snack: slice up veggies and pack some hummus (check out our Pumpkin Hummus and Beetroot Hummus recipes) or take some Home-Made Granola Bars with you
    • pack some of your favorite fruits: whole apples or bananas are so easy to bring with you without any additional package, but you may also choose to chop some fruits and pack into a container
    • get some dried fruits and nuts: taking very little space in your bag, they are a great source of energy when you are in desperate need of a refill
  • Research your destination:
    • lookup food shops/bio stores where you can purchase a variety of vegan-specific products (like dairy alternatives, tofu or tempeh) that you may not be able to find in ordinary stores
    • Whenever possible, choose a stay that has a kitchen and essentials. Consider bringing a few of your favorite spices from home (if you plan to cook at your destination).
    • Think of a couple of easy recipes to make at your stay. It could be porridge for breakfast, a packed salad for lunch (using your containers), and/or a simple cooked meal for dinner.
    • check vegan and vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants at the destination as well as their reviews

These are just some of the ideas I wanted to share with you that I hope will make your travel a little smoother.

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