Why Your Workouts Don’t Pay Off

and What to Do About It

You workout 3-5 times a week, sweat in every session, attempt to eat clean – yet that number on the scale wouldn’t bulge. You’re probably asking yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’, ‘why I can’t get control over my own body?’ and even consider to cut down your portion sizes to make sure you get to that toned body you want so bad.

But hold on before you do, cuz changes are that will make things worse.

Here are 3 reasons you can’t get rid of those extra pounds despite workouts:

  • your cardio makes you so hungry that you eat back all those calories you’ve just burned
  • Your meals & snacks still add up to more calories than those you burn during the day, including workouts
  • You push your body too much without adequately feeding yourself, and your body turns the stress mode on – holding on to the fat and… worst of worst burning that muscle mass you’ve been working on building so hard (and this is where the idea to cut down on your portions will make things more grim).

So what can you do about these and finally get toned?

Here’s how I help clients with similar problems and what could also work for you:

  1. Start with logging your meals into a tracking software, like Cronometer (I know this ain’t fun, but hear me out) – this helps understand whether your undereating or overeating calories and choose correct approach for you.
  2. If you’re overeating, look into the areas you could lower the amount of calories – by lowering cravings and still feeling full – this usually works with eating less fat & carbs and upping your protein intake.
  3. If you’re undereating – you gotta increase your calorie intake – but do so smartly, it doesn’t mean you can go on and load on pizza & cakes. A balanced and healthy increase in calories will help signal your body you’ve got enough food to cover your needs and it can chill with holding on to fat.
  4. Consider exchanging cardio to strength training 🏋️‍♀️ – it’s in fact more effective for weight loss as you build muscle mass that burn more calories (and so you increase your metabolism) and lower cortisol spikes (that may prevent you from losing weight).
  5. Make sure all your essential nutrients are in an optimal spot 👌- if not, you’re risking to drive yourself into cravings & biochemical stress that may prevent your body from functioning properly and getting into that prime shape you wanna be in 🔥

Hope this helps you get an idea in which direction to look in to drop those extra pounds and finally feel comfy in your own body 💃

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