How My Clients Lose Weight Eating Pancakes (& Other Baked Goodies)

Who says losing weight means bidding farewell to your favourite treats? Not me. I’m all about savouring the foods you love while on the journey to a healthier you. But let’s be real, change is inevitable if you want to see those numbers on the scale budge. ⏲️ Typically, the go-to strategy for shedding pounds involves banishing all things delicious: … Read more

How to Go Vegan – Smooth & Pain-Free Veganuary

Embarking on a vegan journey this Veganuary? Wow, you’re absolutely amazing! I’m here to guide you through this exciting and compassionate choice. Having been a devoted ethical vegan for seven years and boasting expertise in vegan nutrition, I want to ensure you seamlessly transition into this lifestyle – one that not only benefits you but … Read more