5 Things That Stop You

From Losing Weight

Do you ever feel like your body works against you? That no matter what you do – hitting the gym 4+ times a week, jump into extensive cardio or HIIT sessions, cut out all sweets and minimize carbs – the scale won’t move. And so, you feel lost and give up on any attempts to get into shape – cuz it’s all too painful for little to no result. 

You feel defeated. Your body, that used to be so flexible, so light yet so strong just doesn’t feel like yours anymore. And no matter how much you try to accept the new reality, you just can’t shake off that feeling that you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.

I know this feeling all too well – I used to carry around 20+ kilos extra to where I am now. And seeing so many women struggling with losing weight set me on a path to figure it out: why do so many struggle with weight? After years of research and shuffling the puzzle, I came to realize it’s a combo of few factors.

Without fixing these, there’s no way you can lose weight and stick to it long-term.

What are these ? I’ve included these and how to tackle them in this new guide – click below to download it or stick around till the end of this mail to find more

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The Power of Your Body & Mind Chemistry

Many of my clients tried losing weight on their own before coming to me, but their bodies just didn’t listen. Why does this even happen that when you cut down on food, start working out, the weight still stubbornly stays? Isn’t it all about calories in VS calories out?

Well, technically, it is. But guess what, there’s way more to this formula than we may think at first. 

Calories in is not simply the amount of calories written on the package. It is in fact, the amount of calories YOU will absorb from that food. This amount can vary +/-20%.

And then there’s calories out – how much energy your body burns day to day. That amount can vary even more! Depending on your hormone balance and your stress levels this amount can easily fall between 1000 kcal and 2500 kcal. 

So imagine, you’re cutting down calories to 1500 kcal, exercising but your body still burns only 1000 kcal. There’s no way you can lose weight in that point.

Does it mean you need to cut calories even lower? Nope! And this is the biggest mistake people make, turning the weight-loss journey into a tougher task!

The answer is not intuitive, and it lays in addressing all the troubling factors on your path to weight loss. 

I shared them all in this guide, go ahead & grab it while it’s still available – and start addressing your weight in a holistic way!

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Ready to get help on your weight loss journey and make it finally work? To feel good in your skin, gain back your self-esteem and feel like yourself again?

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