Food as a Sign of Self Love

I recently had a chat that made me realize just how deep the connection between self-love and healthy eating can be.

I wanted to share this insight with you because it might change the way you think about food and self-care.

It’s not hard to see why—we all want to think we’re treating our bodies right. But here’s the kicker: this mindset often leads to a stumbling block. People end up convinced that their current lifestyle choices are leading them down the path to good health, making them hesitant to make positive changes.

During a recent consultation, someone opened up about their struggle with self-image and body acceptance. They mentioned that eating healthy felt like yet another form of self-imposed restriction, a punishment for not being entirely content with their body. Can you relate?

Well, here’s a different way to look at it:

‘Eating healthy is a way I get to treat my body out of love’

This is how I CHOOSE to view my healthy & balanced eating journey.I get it; there’s a lot of superficial talk about self-care and self-love out there, and it can make your eyes roll. But our mindset is a really powerful thing.

There’s a simple exercise that can help you notice your patterns and habits. It helped me break free from self-punishing habits that I’d held onto for years.

Picture a moment when you genuinely feel happy with yourself, when you appreciate and love who you are. What actions do you take in that state?

To me, it meant:

✨ Eating to the comfortable state of fullness
✨ Taking rest when I feel tired
✨ Supporting and believing in myself
✨ Forgiving my own mistakes
✨ Eating nourishing foods when hungry

And at the same time, doing these steps reminds me I am actively showing myself love.

My approach is that food should be a way to treat ourselves, nourish our bodies, and enjoy life. It shouldn’t be a form of self-punishment or restriction.

And yes, this could also be a part of my nutritional coaching. Creating a better diet is often not only up to knowing what we should do. It’s often about finding a deep motivation within ourselves to actually DO what we’ve been postponing for a while.

So what’s nutritional coaching all about? 

  • Improving what you’re already eating
  • Transforming your beliefs around diets and healthy eating
  • Discovering meals you’ll love that nourish your body
  • Optimizing your supplement intake
  • Establishing lasting habits around food
  • Addressing hormone balance in your favor
  • And much more!

And these steps can take you to the great lengths, including:

✨ managing your weight sustainably and without dieting
✨ feeling heaps of energy to achieve more in your life
✨ bring more self love and care to your days
✨ deal with hair loss, brittle nails and skin issues
✨ end those pesky cravings

Do you wanna know more how my nutritional coaching can help you on your health journey to more compassion and love to yourself?

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