Is Your Food An Anchor Or

The Engine To Your Life?

Have you ever come across the idea that the people in our lives can be divided into two distinct groups: engines and anchors? πŸš€βš“️

In a nutshell, anchors are those who may unintentionally hold us back or bring us down, while engines are the uplifting and supportive forces that help us soar toward our goals and dreams. 🌟

Having more “engine-like” individuals in our circle can be incredibly beneficial when we’re striving for personal growth and aiming to achieve our aspirations. πŸ“ˆ

Now, let’s draw a parallel between this concept and something we can all relate to: food. 🍽

Just like people, some foods have the power to fuel us up, providing the energy we need to lead the life we truly desire. They invigorate us and propel us forward. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

On the flip side, there are “anchor” foods that can weigh us down, sapping our energy and leaving us feeling sluggish and unwell. πŸ₯±

Neither category is inherently good or bad, and there’s a place for both in our lives. However, the ratio between the two can significantly impact our overall well-being and progress. πŸ“Š

Personally, I’ve found that incorporating more “engine” foods into my diet has transformed my daily life. These foods fuel my workouts, hikes, biking adventures, and everyday activities. They grant me mental clarity, helping me create and stay focused on delivering value to my clients. Plus, they contribute to restful and rejuvenating sleep, setting the stage for another day ahead. πŸ’€

Where do we draw the line between these two?

I’d classify as ‘engine’ those nourishing foods that are feeding our bodies the nutrients we need. While that’s probably obvious, there is another component to it: the JOY we get from the food we eat! So I see it like this: the more nutrients and joy a meal gives, the more of an ‘engine’ type the food is.

For instance, a ‘clean’ salad packed with most nutritious foods like seeds, berries, dark leafy greens and other goodies can be really nourishing for our bodies. But if it doesn’t bring you joy, then what’s the point of such food? We won’t last long and will feel like we’re missing out on flavours. So if a slice of toasted bread and a dressing makes such a salad more enjoyable, then that’s the ‘engine’ way!

This idea has been a game-changer for me! I still remember those sluggish days of mostly comfort food, that gave me no energy or desire to move from the couch. Since I came up with this realization a few years ago, I aim to eat in a way that fuels the life I want to leadβ€” energized to create, move, explore! 

Have your recent meals been an engine or anchor to your life?

Try to be honest with yourself answering this question – only then can you make an impactful change. And my free quiz can help you in finding the answers:

This quiz has a few questions that can help you be more objective in assessing your own diet. And shortly after you submit the results, I’ll give you a short personal commentary, too.

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