Red Lentil Pancakes

Wholesome vegan protein pancakes with RED LENTILs served with fruits on a platter

Red Lentil Pancakes What’s a better way to start a day than with a cozy, delicious and filling breakfast?⁣⁣Being the first meal of the day (unless you are among intermittent fasters that skip it), breakfast is an important contribution to a starting your day the right way.⁣⁣Have you ever noticed that a day started with … Read more

Chocolate Flax Meal

Chocolate Flax Meal with Berries

Chocolate Flax Meal Flaxseeds are a mysterious ingredient that recently started showing up in common packaged foods in an attempt to make them healthier. What else do we know about this product? That it’s tasteless on its own? Maybe you’ve heard that flaxseeds are one of the omega-3 sources, too. But there are way more benefits … Read more