Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Health Goals

– And How To Fix It?

How’s your game plan for the last month of the year shaping up? Feeling a bit of pressure from those goals you haven’t quite tackled yet?

You’re not alone. The whole “one last month left in the year” thing can either be a wake-up call or an excuse to procrastinate until next year.

🔦If you’re in the “I’ll start next year” camp, it’s time for a reality check. Tomorrow, Monday, next month, or even next year – they’re all just concepts. Postponing your goals is like making a promise to yourself that never gets fulfilled.

And the dark side of making these promises that you don’t act upon is losing trust and confidence in yourself. 😞

I feel like this is not talked enough about, so let me explain. These are not just empty words. I’ve been there myself, and I know oh-so-well how hopeless it feels when you get excited to make a change in your life, but that thought ‘Year, right’ creeps up you spine and gives you chills. It’s like getting yourself into a deep hole while feeling like you’ll never get out.

💣The truth is both empowering and harsh: 
The ONLY way out is to act upon these promises and build reputation in your own eyes.

And there is no better time to do it than TODAY.

✨The magic happens when you decide to take responsibility today. Once you do, you become the person who acts on their promises. That transformation makes you unstoppable in every aspect of your life. You become a DOER with a whole new identity.

So, what were your goals for 2023?

Maybe you wanted to get healthier, lose weight, or just feel more energized.

Perhaps it was about kicking skin issues, headaches, and bloating to the curb or making your vegan diet better.

Whatever it was, it’s not too late to take the first steps toward becoming that DOER who fulfils their promises.

And guess what! If you’ve been putting off your health goals for the past 11 months, one (or a few) of these maybe be the reason:

  • Maybe the goal isn’t truly yours. If you adopted it from someone else, it’s time to let it go. Focus on what YOU really want.
  • Abstract goals like “I wanna eat healthier” need a reality check. Break them down into small, doable steps. For example, commit to eating one cup of greens daily or hitting the gym at least twice a week.
  • If your goal feels impossible right now, start small. Forget the end result for a moment and focus on the steps that will get you there without pain and suffering.
  • Know your motivating end goal. How will achieving this goal make you feel? Empowered? Happy? Excited? Keep these feelings in mind to boost your motivation, even when things get uncomfortable.

And remember, if you let those goals slip this December, you’re setting a hard start for yourself next year.

But here’s the good news – it’s not about dieting or restricting yourself during the holidays. 🎄 This season is all about joy, reuniting with family, and indulging in comforting food.

It’s about making smart choices instead of ones that’ll bring you guilt and disappointment.

Ready to make the most out of this holiday season and not regret it in January? I’m here to help you do that!

Together, we will set health goals that are simple to stick to and build your new identity of a DOER. We’ll build a roadmap to get you to these goals while enjoying your holidays without any guilt! 

🌟 Imagine yourself arriving to the new 2024 rested, fully recharged, already rocking your body and ready to rock your ambitions! 🌟

This is more than just possible! This could be your reality! Book a free consultation with me today, and let’s get you on this amazing journey! You got this! 🚀

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