Top Nutrient to Boost Your Energy

as a Vegan Woman

How many times have you pushed through your day, your tasks at work and home till the last bit of energy have left you (and even beyond)? Not even talking about self-care or hobbies to enjoy in the evening.

You simply crash the bed hoping to get back just some energy and hoping that tomorrow will be better. 😴🛏

And probably you’ve noticed that some days of the month are worse than the others – on a few days you feel a bit more energized, while others feel like a heavy stone is pulling you down.

This constant fatigue and low energy levels can be a result of a few things happening in the body. But most frequent one I see among women who come seeking my nutrition support is the lack of iron.

 You’ve probably heard about this before: around 1/3 of all women are anaemic. But behind these dry words is a very real struggle for so many women who take loads of responsibility every single day. All while not having enough resources to pull it through.

And if you’ve already suspected your iron 🩸 levels being low, did a blood test and your results came within the reference range – this doesn’t mean your iron levels are OK. You may still well feel all that fatigue if your iron levels are not optimal (while within range). 

💊Maybe you even took it to the next level and decided to supplement iron, but that didn’t bring much relief so you thought it’s not what works for you and simply accepted ‘your fate’.

Does it sound familiar? If it is, please know this: you don’t have to go on struggling. Addressing your iron levels and bringing them up to optimal can make your life so much easier, light and fun! 

✨ Just imagine a day when you wake up early full of energy, get things done before you even start your workday, where you are kicking ass being productive. And by the evening, you still have power to enjoy time with your loved ones or on your own – in a more productive way than simply getting a food delivery to watch Netflix.

Maybe you’ll finally dive into a hobby that you’ve been putting off. Maybe you finally start that passion or business project you’ve dreamt of for so long! Or maybe, you’ll go for a long walk, bike or hike that you’ve been planning for a while!

Imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel when you go to bed on a day like this! When you go to sleep feeling like today has been a great day! And you can’t wait for more to come tomorrow!

All this could be possible for you! You may be one step away from getting there! 

What’s the plan?

If you wanna start on your own, these are the steps you could take to boost your energy levels:

  1. First of all, if you have been struggling with these symptoms, it’s best to get your bloodwork done. In this case, focus on CBC (complete blood count), iron and ferritin levels at a minimum. More on the blood tests I advise for vegans for general health check-ups you’ll find in this free checklist:

2. Then, get your results read by an expert (your doctor, nutritionist who know how to read blood tests, or naturopath). I can do that for you, simply book a free call to discuss the details. As a nutritionist, I do not treat medical conditions, but simply advise you on dietary adjustments and supplements you could take to improve your state. If you skip this step, you risk taking a dose or type of supplement that won’t work for you.

3. Take the suggested supplements in the dose and the way advised (iron is a very tricky supplement as it needs nearly perfect conditions to be absorbed properly by your body).

4. Improve your iron intake with your diet. Iron supplements are not suggested to be taken on a long term – only to correct sub-optimal levels you may have right now. Once you’re there, you cannot simply go back to your usual diet. You’ll risk running into deficiency again and you’d need to repeat the cycle. So make sure you build a vegan diet that has enough iron and that your body can absorb as much as it needs (that depends on the food and drinks you consume along with your iron-rich foods, your digestion and other factors).

So you can do all these on your own, or I could help you do this smoothly and worry-free.

How does it work?

When we jump onto a free call I’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you and your current state better. If we decide to work together, this is how our work would look like:

  • I analyse your diet, bloodwork, lifestyle and supplement intake
  • We hop on a consultation video call (or audio, if that’s more convenient for you) where we’ll discuss diet, supplement and lifestyle change suggestions that would work for you, including working for your lifestyle and preferences
  • You ask any nutrition questions you have that bother you to get a more complete picture of what balanced diet looks like for you – here we can also address any nutrition myths you’ve hear that don’t let you sleep at night (and I’m sure there are plenty)
  • Next, we agree on final plan and I send you a step-by-step roadmap that’s comfortable for you to follow to get you to where you wanna be in a PDF format
  • You’ll get a chance to ask follow up questions after the call via email

🎉 Ready to jump into 2024  with a renewed energy and ready to make it the year you’ll feel proud and fulfilled? Then click that link below:

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No more guesswork or hoping you’re doing the right thing. No more worries whether you’re hitting your nutrient targets. And no more struggles from those sneaky symptoms. 

You leave my consultations with a calmness and clarity and a set of steps that are comfortable for you to take that will lead you to your goals.

🔥 Worried about the investment that comes with my services? I am confident you’ll get value way beyond your investment. If not, I’ll refund you—no risk involved!

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P.S. I work with not only vegans, but also those who are open to introduce more plants into their diet to begin with.

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