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thrive as a VEGAN

My vegan nutrition coaching program is designed to help you achieve optimal health,      vitality, and well-being through balanced plant-based lifestyle

The Program

This program is created for vegans who wanna take the most what the plants have to offer, feel great in their bodies and enjoy life to the fullest. 

This is a Personal Nutrition Coaching Program designed specially with unique needs and struggles of my fellow vegans after years of nutrition practice. 

It’s created to take you to your goals with my expert support and focus on empowering you to create helpful habits and behaviours – with the help of evidence-based nutrition, habit-building knowledge and mindset coaching skills.

I can’t wait to take you on the journey to your fit, radiant self! 

Who am I?

Hey there! I’m Alena, your go-to vegan nutritionist, and I’m here to help you thrive on a plant-powered journey.

Passionate about animal rights and human health, my mission is to guide and support you in becoming a healthy vegan, so we can all live our best lives.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve empowered countless clients on their paths to healthy veganism. From weight loss to kicking processed foods to the curb, I’ve helped them build health habits that improve digestion and energy levels.

But it’s not just about the knowledge—it’s about the support and understanding that I bring to the table. I meet you where you are, ensuring you feel heard, motivated, and equipped with the tools you need to reach your goals.

Who is this for?

  • You are vegan or want to go vegan
  • You wanna lose weight, get toned & feel amazing in your body
  • You are unsure how to properly balance your meal
  • You wanna be healthy and glow 
  • You wanna boost your energy levels
  • You wanna show others how cool veganism is 
  • You are ready to take a responsibility over your life

Who is this not for?

  • You are not ready to take control of your life and wanna stay where you are
  • You don’t wanna make changes to your lifestyle, diet & mindset
  • You want a quick fix
  • You wanna follow a short-term diet
  • You have a medical condition that would prevent you from eating a balanced, plant-rich diet

What Does This Program Include?

Course Materials

Written, visual and/or video materials to help you grasp nutrition info to get empowered on your journey to health

weekly Check-Ins

Video calls every week to check in on your progress and adjust the steps and make your journey most effective

Custom Meal Plan

Get personalised 2-week meal plan to fit your calorie, macros and preferences along with your lifestyle

Online Chat with Me

You’ll have access to chat directly with me and ask any questions or address concerns in real time and make sure you stay on track

Written Strategy

After every call you’ll get an updated written strategy with detailed steps to your goal in PDF format

Supplement Support

We’ll address your supplement needs along with your diet to make sure you get the most benefits & nutrients for your health!

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client testimonials

I thought I was doing alright with my eating. Thanks for showing me the reality, helping transition to being vegan and saving a lot of animals by doing so 🙂


Aljona cares and you can tell by the quality of consultation and advises provided. Thanks for making change so much easier!


I had already quite high expectations considering your content, and you even exceeded them!
You were very professional, patient and made me think about food in a different way. I can’t wait to see where your program takes me!


The session was excellent and really clear. We went through improvement areas one by one and you proposed a change considering my will. You shared why my diet is not optimal and how to get it there. 

I also loved the provided supporting documents: food log to log my diet, which was super easy to do. The advise summary is amazing, it’s easy to follow step by step and I love the upgraded diet with recipes.

To conclude, you go above and beyond what a nutritionist would usually offer. The blood test review, the knowledge about gut health and the constant link to my goals were really enjoyable!

Would absolutely recommend working with Alena! 🙂


Not only did I improve my eating habits, but you also helped me deal with my emotions. Now I know why I always returned to my default habits and why diets did not work for me.
It felt like a mix of nutrition and life coaching.


Within a 3-month coaching, Alena helped me seamlessly switch to a plant-based diet, shed excess weight and get leaner. But most importantly, thanks to this dietary change, my erectile function improved incredibly! Can’t thank Alena enough!!!


I contacted Alena to help me create an eating routine that is healthy and fits my lifestyle, which includes a lot of travelling. She approached the task in a highly professional manner. I started with filling out a survey on my current eating habits and my motivations and goals with the change. Then I needed to record my food intake for a week in a food log. Aljona analysed both the survey and my food log, and then invited me on a video call to further analyse my case. In a couple of days she sent over to me a sample meal plan for five days, taking into consideration the nutritional values of the items, my food preferences and my goals with the diet change. She also sent me further suggestions and pieces of advice to make my diet change as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I’ve been incorporating her pieces of advice into my diet for over a month now, and I really enjoy the process.

Her professional approach to nutrition, her knowledge and kindness all make me love working with her to create a healthier diet for myself.


My goal was to eat balanced and healthy during fasting. Thanks to your recipes, I got a picture about plant-based nutrition and my digestion improved.

In addition, I dropped 2 kg and I felt lightness in my body. I got more energy and more desire to move.
The recipes you shared were hearty and delicious! I learned how to make a variety of smoothies for health benefits!
It was very comfortable to work with you. You supported me very much and constantly asked about the state of my health, whether I like recipes, whether it tastes good to me and whether everything works out. I could write to you at any time and get feedback from you quickly! This is cool and shows how reverently and with complete immersion you lead the client! Thank you for your concern❤️


my Certifications


Once you’ve filled the form, I’ll look into it and assess if we’re a match. If you fullfil the requirements, I’ll reach out to you with a payment link and a food log template to fill for a week (so that I know your starting point). Once you’re ready with the food log, we’ll agree on a time that fits you best to have our first video call. On our first call we’ll discuss your goals, drawbacks, concerns and your current diet. Together, we’ll create a clear strategy that is easy to follow for you and create long-lasting nutrition changes.

After the initial strategy call, we’ll have biweekly video calls in the time that fits you. After each call I’ll send you a written advise that we’ve agreed upon during the call. In between our calls, you can always reach out to me via direct chat to ask any clarifying questions, voice your concerns or get accountability support. I’ll have your back at any time during the day!

Yes, you’ll get a personalized menu with recipes that you enjoy and that fit your calories, macro- and micronutrient needs! 

The whole point of the program is to educate and empower you while helping you to build lasting habits to eat in a balanced, satisfying way FOR LIFE. That said, you won’t have to go hungry or strictly follow the meal plans. The meal plans provided only for guidance and having some initial ideas for balanced, nourishing meals. During the program, you’ll learn how to build any meal to create a balanced diet.

If you have common intolerances like for gluten, soy, peanuts or other types of nuts or seeds, we can build you diet around those.

If you want gain a couple pounds and you don’t have any medical condition that prevents you from gaining weight, you’re welcome to join my program! Together, we’ll create a diet for you that’ll make it easier to few pounds.

You surely can join, if you are not vegan yet, but want to transition to a plant-based diet. I’ll help you make your journey as smooth & enjoyable as it can be.

If your physician gave you a green light to eat a wholesome, balanced plant-based diet – please fill the form and I’ll reach out to you!

still have questions?

Send any questions about the nutritional coaching to my email: contact@veganfoodiez.com or the chat window at the lower right corner of this screen and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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